pictures of our acoustic panels for village halls, classrooms and offices


look at what we can do for your room!

 with our highly effective acoustic panels and soundproofing products we have THE affordable solution to solve your echo and noise problems that looks and performs beautifully and complements any style of village hall, school, sports hall, reception area, office or building.

 Mercury Quays, office suite.

A low reverberation time is essential in an office or call centre. 

We specialise in office acoustics and Our panels achieve this at an unbeatable price.

Bowsden village hall.

Not only do our sound absorption panels get rid of echo and solve poor sound problems, they also enhance the appearance of any room.

Several colours and designs are available to suit your taste and budget.

Aldbourne village hall.

Angled panels to far wall. also the feature beams were removed and sound panels fitted behind them that look like painted plaster. the beams were then replaced, thus preserving the traditional looks of this old memorial hall.

 Ayton village hall.

Reverberation time reduced from about 3.7 secs to 0.8 secs

They approached us for help to reduce echo in their hall after reading our post on  Scotland: National Rural Network