We're all about ACOUSTIC PANELS, stopping noise and echo, SOUNDPROOFING,  Village Hall Acoustics, Sports Hall Acoustics, School Acoustics, Assembly Hall Acoustics, Office and  Classroom Acoustic Panels.  

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We are dedicated to providing an affordable solution to Acoustic Sound Problems. We supply and fit high quality  acoustic panels and we believe we are sympathetic to the needs of our clients and can offer a product and service second to none. Many of our clients have a limited or fixed budget yet we understand that  good acoustics are an important factor in maximising the use of a village hall, school or office. However, most acoustic engineers price small communities and businesses out of the market. We believe we're different.   

If your Village Hall Acoustics, sports hall acoustics, restaurant  or office acoustics needs improving we have a cure! 

We won't try and baffle you with science, we'll just offer you the right solution!

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